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About Us

¿Por qué elegirnos?

Creemos en el consumo de alimentos a conciencia: Cuidar nuestra alimentación es fundamental para nuestro bienestar. Los súper alimentos orgánicos y naturales pueden ayudar a reducir el riesgo de padecer diabetes tipo 2, presión arterial alta, colesterol alto, desarrollo de enfermedades cardiovasculares y diversos tipos de cáncer. Nuestra misión es ayudar a comunidades de productores a vivir mejor: Generando oportunidades laborales y fomentando el crecimiento de la comunidad para que cada día seamos más quienes valoran el trabajo de los productores, aportando a brindar una mejor calidad de vida. Nos basamos en un compromiso de fidelidad con el consumidor: Producimos orgánicamente desde el campo respetando el medio ambiente y biodiversidad. Nuestros productos cuentan con certificaciones orgánicas USDA, Europa y RTPO Perú. además, contamos con personal profesional especializado en el rubro alimenticio.

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Organic and sustainable

For each purchase you contribute to the growth of the flow of employment within the producing communities.



We are committed to environmental protection while taking care of our planet.


Health and nutrition:

We are committed to provide 100% natural products that promote your well-being.


Clean Label

Products with a short list of real and simple ingredients, transparent information to understand what is being consumed and lead a healthy and sustainable life


Functional blends based on organic and natural superfoods that provide optimal and special nutrients for body care and general well-being.


Functional food with sources of healthy nutrients and prebiotic fiber, which helps mantain intestinal flora healthy. They provide excellent antioxidants and subtle sweetness of low glycemic index.


Low glycemic index natural sweeteners, ideal for controlling sugar levels in the body.


Grown in the Andean regions of Peru, our coffee is known for its high quality and excellence. The diversity of microclimates, lands and sunlight, makes our country an ideal setting for growing 100% arabic coffee.

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The Team

¿Por qué elegirnos?

We are Korina and Gina: two sisters who are really passionate about healthy eating and eager to reach every corner of the world with the natural products of our beloved Peru. We began to build this project from fueled by providing every country with the natural foods of our land, in addition to our main objective: making visible and valuing the strength of local producers, understanding the need to generate employment opportunities together with a better quality of life for the farming communities. That is how we founded Kope Organic, starting with the distribution of specialty coffee and microlots in Peru and the United States. Today, after a research work, we bring you KOPE FOODS: our line of 100% natural vegan foods, without added sugars. From nutritional syrups and functional jams to special blends: we work with premium quality organic and natural products.





Where to get our products?

En Kope Organic ® contamos con distintos distribuidores oficiales. Encuéntranos en:  Estados Unidos (Miami)

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Located in Lima, Perú. Peruvian specialty coffee and superfoods export. We sell retail and wholesale internationally.

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