Grown in the Andean regions of Peru, our coffee is known for its high quality and excellence. The diversity of microclimates, lands and sunlight, makes our country an ideal setting for growing 100% arabic coffee.

We have organic certification and fair trade, verified by BCS ÖKO and KIWA (Germany), who allow the use of international certifications for the sale of products: those that are produced protecting the environment and paying fair prices to producers, which allows them to lead a decent life with their work.

Within our varieties: BLEND COFFEE: is the mixture of different origins, altitudes, microclimates, soils, and varieties of Arabica coffee, grown between 1200 - 1400 meters above sea level. CHERRY COFFEE: is the harvest of ripe cherry trees, dried at sun and stored in jute bags for 7 months, to be processed later. It's sweet and very scented due to the filtration of the mucilage towards the nucleus of the grain.

MICRO BATCHES OF FINE COFFEE GEISHA COFFEE.- An arabica variety growth in strict height and recognized for its high cup performance. YELLOW BOURBON COFFEE.- Recognized for its fine acidity, intense smell and good thickness. Growth in small plots between 1,200 and 1,800 meters above sea level. ORIGIN COFFEE WITH HISTORY.- Produced by small farmers, located between 1600 and 2000 meters above sea level, who are identified by their coffee tradition and culture. They are a great example for other coffee growers in the valley to follow MISHA COFFEE.- The most expensive in the world.- Ripe coffee cherry trees attract multiple wild animals, including the misha (nasua nasua) that processes the grains naturally, making it the most exotic coffee in the world. INDIGENOUS COFFEE UNDER COSMIC INFLUENCE.- Produced by the Ashaninka and Yanesha native communities, who grow their coffee guided by the moon phases.





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En Kope Organic ® contamos con distintos distribuidores oficiales. Encuéntranos en:  Estados Unidos (Miami)

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Located in Lima, Perú. Peruvian specialty coffee and superfoods export. We sell retail and wholesale internationally.

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